Monday, February 8, 2010

This week.

There are several things I want to remember to do this week, but I'm afraid I'll forget because work is rather hectic and I'm pretty focused on my trip at the end of the week. Tonight, i want to finish some laundry (although it doesnt look like there's a good chance of this happening tonight) and get a good chunk of a project done (at least half). Tomorrow, finalize dog plans, errands (socks and return), work, softball, and the rest of the crafting. Wednesday work, get glasses adjusted, cleaning!!!! and any left over crafting. Thursday work, group workout (maybe), packing and then to bed early hopefully. Friday work from 6am-2ish, drive to jax, fly. Unscheduled things to do include painting my nails, possibly dyeing my hair, doing DBT workbook exercises, and yoga. Things I'm afraid I'm going to forget to pack: gloves, camera, book, music, deodorant, hair dryer, jewelry .... none of which are integral, just things I would like to have. I'm trying to make my bag lighter and smaller this time around. I found it very cumbersome last time.

After writing this and being interrupted so many times, I'm not sure how much I'll get done tonight. I didn't sleep much last night and Fringe has sucked me in for the last hour or so. I'll do my best though. I used to argue with my dad when he would say that that's all you can do. I'm not sure why, but that's funny to me now.

I'm excited about the trip. It's a big deal for us to get a meal out together, so it's extra special that we're going somewhere nice, on valentines day, together.

It's nice to know when i'll get to stop fighting. That's not very articulate. It's not that i'm going to give up or anything. It's just that for me, right now, it's very easy to be myself most of the time with someone I love and trust as much as him. Yes, I still fight to rein in my crazy and my anxiety (which, by the way, is so out of control that I actually said "I miss having medication to help deal with this", today) and maintain emotional balance. But it is so much less severe than the rest of the time. I don't think that explanation is very clear, but it is what it is right now.

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