Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm really doing a poor job of taking care of myself. This time change sucks. I've been up since the sun came screaming into my windows. I should be getting ready for work but that involves getting into the shower and the roommate is continuing her bathroom domination. So, here I am writing superficial entries and wishing I was asleep. Fun? Not so much.


Rachel said...

This time change is messing me up too. I want to be asleep, but no, I'm awake. Every single morning!

Leeyah said...

Time change is depressing me, actually. (Surprise?) I used to leave the house at pitch black, watch the sunrise as I cross THE bridge. The city catches fire, the fog yields to bright, shimmering rays, and the clouds are lined in gold as I turn onto campus.
Now it's bright as hell when I leave.