Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Talk about a day that makes you want to hide under your desk. 
*stomps foot in futile effort to make floor open up and swallow her whole* (i'm sad no one gets that anymore :( )
This tension in my chest is distracting. I can't focus and I'm really tired. 

Something positive ... i actually got a few things sorted and put away in the craft space yesterday. Small things but it's something. 

Once I'm able to take some time to photograph the things I have done. I want to try to clear out some old supplies by freecycling them, destash listings on etsy

okay i just thought that was thunder but it was a tree falling into the building or well onto the building. Right above my window. 
Not a great action shot but not easy to take from a monitor. It's creaking horribly and making the power flicker. Meep. I just hope it doesn't break into the window as it continues to fall. As if today wasn't iffy enough. Argh. 

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NervousHabit said...

In case it does come through your window, I'm pretty sure your landlord will pay for the whole mess, seeing as there's usually ordinances/laws that state that all trees of a certain height have to be X distance from buildings, yadda, yadda...

But look at it this way. If it comes all the way through? Alternate escape route in case of fire.

Also... alternate entrance route for burglars and rapists.

Yeah, get rid of that tree.