Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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I'm very emotional lately and it's just really not conducive to work. It's become a Tegan & Sara, Stabbing Westward, Dashboard confessional sort of day. Yes folks, that sort of day. This gloomy weather and dreary outlook sort of suck. I'm in one of those moods where every single bite is a struggle. For example, i'd really like another cup of coffee. My eyes aren't really staying open and I'm definitely dragging, but all I can think about is the 80+ calories in it, the stains on my teeth, etc.

So like six hours later ... christ on a cracker! What an exhausting day this has become. :( and it's not over. I'm hungry (again). I really want to do some projects when I get home, but sinking into the couch with a tall glass of cranberry juice sounding good. I cut out patterns for this lovely mobile last night. I also finished making the costume for the part-timer so he can look like a HUGE job jacket (that's what we call our routing folders for jobs, too much jargon, sorry. Look here for a sort-of-example of the not-so-large ones). It's made from ribbon, t-shirt, and shower curtain-liner vinyl. It turned out that we didn't need it today because they rescheduled our creative in the courtyard. The rescheduling is good and bad. But whatever. I have a meeting in six minutes so this has to be shorter than i'd like. *pout* I'm stressed out! GRRRR!!!! I also cut out squares for the quilt-style rug that I'm making from scraps and old t-shirts for the floor of the craft room. It's sort of turned into a memory quilt just by the nature of the t shirts being used. What else did I do? Nothing last night, I don't think. I've got a huge folder of projects I'd like to get started on. Many of which involve getting new materials or tools so they're waaaaaaayyyy on the back burner due to funds. I'd like to construct a makeshift light/white box for close-up photography of the finished pieces so they can get on Etsy and possibly make me feel a little less useless. I picked up a bunch of new (to me) records @ an amazing $5-per-bag sale at Refuge House's Thrift Shop. Bowls, letter holders, rings, and jewelry to come. Oh! This weekend was very productive ... we finally grocery shopped, hung frames and a tapestry and a shelf or two, I made potholders (I'm forever burning my hands trying to use paper towels in their place) ahhhh late for meeeeting!!!

Oh my @#&*$%^#(%&*)(#% stars! That was a terrible meeting. Argh. Trying to let it gooo....

So yeah, I made potholders and there's other things i'd like to get to around the house like painting the furniture outside, recovering the (freecycle) couch (yay!). I'd love to sew a long-sleeved, knee-length dress for myself. I have some beautiful grey jersey fabric that could hang nicely on someone, but not me so maybe a practice one? I need to figure out how to fix the sink and finish caulking the bathroom (already knew how to do that). I'd like to make some soft pretzels from scratch and maybe some wheat bread too. I haven't done that in a while. I know this list is quite long, but there's other things too. Anyways. More later.

I think my hair has grown out quite a bit. hmmmm....


NervousHabit said...

HEY, KIDS! Do you like Christ on a Cracker?! Then you're gonna SHIT YOUR PANTS when you see what Hasbro's done with Christ now! Christ now goes on a bike, a crutch and introducing Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ (comes with AA batteries and detachable top hat/cane)!

You look great, by the way. Don't stress too much. At least you still have a pretty cool job. It sounds cool to me, at any rate. With your meetings and your cubicles and your dress codes.

So I heard from Chris Kelly (the guy who replaced me at First Coast News and who I had a few classes with) e-mailed me to tell me that they're letting all the Freelancers go. I would have been gone in a few weeks anyway! AHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, bless you, economy. Seriously, I've talked to quite a few people at that station... they're leaving like rats deserting a ship.

Love you, too.

Mickey said...

I love your hair now more than I did, and that's a hot picture :-) We need to hang out soon.

Miss Anne said...

umm hi, you're adorable!

love your hair! and your stories! :)