Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"day by day collision called the art of growing up"

I feel really run down today. I know i didn't sleep solidly but i don't know ... it's like my brain is still asleep. 

I'm tired. And tired of battling with my self. 

I would really like to lose a few pounds. But at the same time I want to scream at the urge "get out of my head! I can't deal with you in my life right now!!". Weird, but whatever. 

I feel like my scars are screaming at me. The sight of them is more than bothersome lately. And it's really adding to the stress I'm feeling (or creating in my head) about my parents coming up on Friday. I always regret the words. 

Ugh my eyes just don't want to stay open... :( 

I've got a list of projects that i want to do just for me, but when i have time (which seems to be rare lately) I like to use it to do things for people or things that can get to etsy. 

Projects are piling up in my inbox as I try to type this so I guess that's all for now 

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