Monday, August 4, 2008

Breathe, please.

What's stressing me? What do I want to do about it? What can I do about it? What am I going to do to be able to continue working with this stress on my brain? 

What's my plan for packing tonight? For the rest of the week? For painting? 

Alright, first steps first. Lunch and then a mandala to chill out. On second thought, reverse that. 

Stressors: 1)Moving 2)Parents coming into town 3)Dog 4) Money 5) needing an outlet 6)Packing 7) did i say moving? 8) stomach

I've been keeping a little mental tally of the times SI has wandered across my brain and it's just not okay. The paging around here is obnoxious today!! I think I keep getting the hiccups from stress. Is that even possible? ARGH. My body is staging a rebellion ... I don't think it's the peaceful sort, either. I just want to like fast forward to a time when i'm on a real vacation with nothing to focus on except relaxing. Not even sure I could actually do that though, lol. I really like to eat lately and my body is showing it and I don't appreciate that. I'm so anxious I feel like I could go run around the building a few times. Maybe Odi can jog a bit with me tonight. My thoughts are so scattered! Bah! This is pointless. 4:43

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Anonymous said...

You can't focus on relaxing. Relaxing is what happens when you're not focused on anything but you just DO. You do the first satisfying, self-gratifying thing that pops into your head, you do that until you don't want to do it anymore, and you move on to the next thing that grants you satisfaction. That's relaxing.

Stress hiccups. That's a new one on me. Well, you could always try Gabriel's method. Remember this gem?

Chin up. Please. *hug* - Brian