Thursday, December 11, 2008

"ohh you need to be loved"

Hopefully taco party pans out.

On another note NY in like a little under 48hrs. OMFG!!! I'm going to freeze but that's fine. We're going to amazing places, staying with a friend, and hoping like hell my camera holds up. Plus we NEED a vacation and I haven't taken a real one since I was like 12. I didn't really sleep much last night getting ready for this show today. I'm a bit terrified, honestly. Only my second show and I'm by myself. At least last time I was surrounded by family and fiancé. Well he wasn't then, but whatev. I really didn't sleep last night and I'm not anticipating alot of sleep tonight and not really any on Friday night. It's messing with my head. I know I'm totally capable of functioning on little sleep but still .... right now i'm dragging. And should be working. Yay! for Etsy sales though. Hopefully can find time to pour some candles and soaps tonight. Doubtfull with needing to pack and all. And the show. Hmmm maybe not.

"I'm just as nervous as you, but last night I took one look at you and I got this feeling you're the right one."

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