Monday, December 29, 2008

Things I can do. The first 50.

In no particular order ... 100 things I can do to help myself.

1. Put up curtains in the bedroom so I can sleep better.
2. Fall asleep first and earlier so that my sleep is better.
3. Get up earlier to at least go for a walk, if not a run or an early morning class (once $ evens out).
4. Create a financial plan and stick to it. Trust is that plan and stop the day to day worrying once the day to day stuff is handled.
5. Start saving.
6. For every 2 hours I work, take a 10 to 15 minute break.
7. Draw, write, or create in some way everyday.
8. Walk away when I need to.
9. Spend time training Odysseus.
10. Take more photographs.
11. Clean out clothes and other possessions for a yard-sale or donation to clear up the house.
12. Consume more raw foods.
13. Find a way to get back on all of my meds.
14. Join an online support group.
15. Stop Calling people names ... even in my head.
16. Stop threatening people and things.
17. Stop punching walls. (Pretty sure my knuckle is damaged)
18. Socialize more -- if the given situation involves more money than I'm willing to spend, suggest alternatives instead of giving up.
19. Make a list of 5 things that I'm grateful for everyday.
20. Explore the things I want to explore, regardless of what category they fall into.
21. Don't stop being honest and open, just do it in a nicer way.
22. Take time after work (or when needed) to decompress. Insist on it, if you have to.
23. Indulge in foods that taste good without feeling the guilt. Deprivation doesn't work.
24. Wear my glasses, even at home - it eliminates some headaches.
25. Take some time to dress the way I want to. Even if that means sewing the clothes I want.
26. Tell him everyday why and how I love him.
27. Be proud.
28. Reach out to old friends.
29. Make new ones.
30. Explore more of Tallahassee.
31. Cook at least one new recipe a month (a week?)
32. Don't indulge in self deprecation.
33. Learn to crochet
34. Mandalas (I should pre-draw some circles for work time)
35. Learn new knitting stitches.
37. Revamp my etsy store/store brand
38. Try freelance photography or design work
39. Work on centering and grounding.
40. Don't be ashamed to ask for help.
41. Taking a mental health day is not a crime.
42. Be a "duck in water"
43. Breathe, breathe, and breathe again
44. Notice the details and embrace them.
45. Make and utilize to-do lists.
46. Ask about sliding scales for payments for various places.
47. Sketch freely and without such shame.
48. Let go of things.
49. Kiss.
50. Give good hugs.

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