Monday, November 17, 2008

for real?

I was really doing okay hanging in here. But now one of the doctors
called and ... I think I just found the straw that's breaking this
camel's back. It's not even really a big deal but on top of everything
else. Really?
I want to work a full day, seriously i want to. And I need to $$ wise.
And tomorrow too because Wed I won't be able to be in because of all
the appointments. I wish I could go get a haircut. So at least I
wouldn't feel like I looked like crap.
I'd like to go do this stupid show this weekend, but there's money for
gas to get down there.
My stomach is really upset.
This sucks so bad. I just want to scream into an abyss -- Garden State
If i'm going to do the show, I need to decide tonight and get
everything tagged, priced, and build some sort of display something or

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