Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whim. *edited this afternoon*

I tend to keep a running list of projects, ideas, and methods that grab my interest. It's getting a little long right now, but a blog that i read posted a friendly reminder that xmas is actually quickly approaching. I'm sure we've all felt the time crunch, especially if you try to go handmade for the holidays. Did anyone else sign the handmade pledge?!?! I've been big on handmade holidays for several years now. Granted, my first attempts were most often deemed paper-weights as I wasn't very good at making usable gifts, but they were handmade and creative and crafty. Almost every xmas present last christmas was handmade and my mom often gave me opportunities to accent her not-so-homemade (gasp! shame! horror!) gifts with handmade accents, accessories, wrapping, or a gift tag (at the very least). Anyways, back to the point! I'm getting some great ideas for holiday gifts or everyday gifts. I'd like to offer some kits in the store as well as really pushing the P2P marketing to bring in a few extra bucks.

*and now for something entirely different*
Sometimes, it's great working for a place that is so open and out. At times, as with any subject, there's these little things that happen that are hard to handle and make me wince. While I'm appreciative that people are being open and non-judgemental, I'm not so sure that they realize that they're still passing judgement and even being a bit closed minded within that. Don't get me wrong, I love that by working here I've held on to a decent bit of my non-straight identity that I fought, worked, and struggled to create. And i can recognize that these itty-bitty irks are even sometimes comical, but i still get that studio-audience "ohhhh" and feel a little snag in my breath at occasional comments. "But he's not a ... i mean he's not interested right?" "But you, you don't look like you're, like a ..." At least they have the sense to stammer, right?

alright, now i'm totally distracted and work's getting too overwhelming.

The time stamp is off when I post from this computer .. how weird! I've got tons of windows open on my computer and haven't had time to read through or look at most of them so I thought i'd post them here to share/remember:
Whip up
Wee Wonderfuls
The Long Thread's Make it Monday
Neither Hip nor Funky
Paper and Stitch
How about Orange and one of her Flickr sets
Super Eggplant Simple Bags
Basic Green Box
Soft Pretzels!!!!
Window Art
Tiny Happy
Sew Mama Sew
The Charm Lady
Midnightbluart ACEO

There are a couple things that I really need to complete ASAP:
1. ACEO for swap
2. another matchbox for a swap
3. Photo editing!!!!

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NervousHabit said...

I'd totally be up for some company mid-december! Which night? Will you be bringing anyone?