Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hectic Morning *edited in the afternoon*

As hectic as the first day back to work after a long weekend is, I have been stealing a few seconds intermittently to check up on blogs and follow seemingly obscure links to new readings. I thought I'd clear my brain out for a bit and share some. I like to share what I read. I think the interaction and sharing capabilities of the internet make it such an amazing medium for me. Somewhere along the way a teacher (I'm thinking it was 10th grade english and I'm almost almost certain it was Graffam) talked about talking "to" someone versus talking "with" someone. Not that that's either here or there, but it's sort of a base philosophy of mine. Sometimes it's good to remind yourself that not everyone around you operates with the exact same set of basic assumptions, premises, ideals, etc. (Although, some would argue that the world makes that very obvious, I think it makes it easier to be tolerant, get along, and interact with people if you actually "know" that and don't just hear it.) Okay so before it gets anymore obscure for this morning (or before it's no longer morning [geeze!]) here's what I've been reading this morning:

We were talking about this Sunday night and into the early hours of monday morning and maybe it's just those darn hormones but wow this amazing blog seriously stirs up some maternal instincts. Beautiful writing and absolutely stunning photographs!

Aprons! Okay so this really is for Erin and Oz, but everyone can appreciate the subtle sexiness of aprons. Thanks angry chicken!

SWAPS!!! Many of you know that my newest addiction is swapping. There's a good variety of them out there. Who doesn't love snail mail? I'm mailing out my movie swap this afternoon. I hope to finish up my "My Favorite Things" swap package tonight and get it in the mail in the next two days. (hope you're excited Anne!!) Finished my matchbooks for a matchbox swap
via Swap-bot. (This one looks exciting ... if you can see it without an acct) Slowly trudging through my 100 positive affirmations swap, but there's time. Also doing an xmas cookie swap.

Wow, some serious ADD (or mania, ya know could be either) just kicked in at the same time that like 15 bazillion things needed to get done and I'm going to have to revisit this post later because i just made a to-do-list that included lists that I needed to make.

Well, looks like this is going to have to be a three-edit post. So much for blogging at work *sigh*. Ahem. anyways.
More links before i try to work:
Lightbulb Greenhouse
Recycling Contest
Tara Books

Some favs from Etsy:

okay okay work now and later: swap-bot, etsy convos, headache meds (hopefully), cupcake photos, craftroom organization, photoshoot invite, organization, simplicity, and publicity, to name a few. As well as calling for a haircut, the bank, and mom back.

3rd edit:
Hue Test ( I didn't do so hot)

I really don't feel well. Made it home, but not to any sort of relaxation or releif. The animals are even being okay for a puppy and a cat, but I can't settle my thoughts and I can't seem to calm down. I feel sort of sick too, but stress can do that, of course. Didn't return any calls, but i'm really not in a patient, extroverted mood. Really want to get in the back room and organize and get to work on projects, but I'm procrastinating. I'm watching this show about this amazing family. I miss my family but I completely dread the stress of even calling mom back. Ugh.

I got an amazing matchbox in the mail!!!!!!


Miss Anne said...

i love the apron blog! :)

have been working on the same one for about two years now! i guess i should sit down and finish it eh?


*hi, i'm anne btw... and i believe we're swap partners! *

The Pink Potpourri said...

thanks for the post! the links were super helpful!