Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"take it or leave it, I won't let go..."

One of the most frustrating parts about not having internet at home is
figuring something out and not having access to a blog. It's lame, but
I've had them as an online record/play place/scratch pad for my
thoughts since I was 14. For now, it'll be paintings, word docs, and
crappy handwriting. Looks like it might be even longer than originally
expected with the internet problems.
getting out of debt fail
communication fail
general fail
self fail

I think I figured out what's been causing a lot of my feelings and
actions about a current situation. It's hurtful, rude, and
embarrassing ... the situation and the most-likely-true theory. I'm
not sure how to handle it besides addressing it and I don't feel like
its up for being addressed.
Concerned :(

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