Thursday, April 2, 2009

Material Girl

We're okay with money right now. But we're just okay and there's often
little or medium sized things that slip though the cracks and make
problems. But we're able to pay our bills once and once in awhile when
we need help, we have a great support system that is able to help.
However (and this often correlates with different cycles and moods,
but I won't blame it on that) lately I have alot of nonessential
"wants". Things that I'd love to indulge in that are mainly selfish
and not utilitarian in any way. For example, I've been looking at
jewelry and clothing more and more lately. And shoes too. You'd think
I wouldn't like to buy jewelry since I used to spend so much time
making it, but I've found some really amazing pieces via Ponoko
lately. Speaking of which, I would love to drop like $200 bucks there
and/or at Spoonflower to order some of my own designs. Spoonflower is
fabric and Ponoko is a laser cutting and etching service, but with
tons of variety in materials and sizes and colors. I've uploaded
designs to both but only gotten swatches of some fabric and nothing
from Ponoko. I'd love to spoil myself with some new clothes form Indie
designers on Etsy and around. And a new camera. Oh man would I love to
drop a grand on a new tricked out camera. But immediately i'd also
like to pay off a credit card, hospital bills, a defunct bank acct,
money back to my parents and get some into savings. le sigh. Anyways.
I was feeling materialistic so I thought i'd blog. Cause blogging is a
bit narcissistic and being materialistic reminds me of narcissism.

That is all.

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