Thursday, March 19, 2009


There's things that I would like to blog about sometimes, but I feel
like they're too personal or that I'm not sure about sharing them.
Conversely, I'm starting to really feel like since this is my space I
should discuss and detail what I want/need to. I'm hesitant because I
don't want to overshare and I don't want to overthink and I don't want
to alienate anyone and ugh!!! Maybe paper is just the way to go. And
later i can work my way to dialoging in person.

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NervousHabit said...

If this is about that twin you strangled in the womb with the umbilical cord, I really don't think anyone's going to judge you. You didn't have a choice. It was you or her. Or him. Anyway.

Court, honey, I really think a big stone in the road for you is that you don't always say what/how you feel. And when you DO, you feel guilty about it, later on going "was that too mean?"

We're all big boys and girls here, Court. And clearly, you need to get something off your chest. Whatever it is, your readers can take it. Can you?