Friday, July 18, 2008

financial ickies

So here's the way it looks:

I hope I'll be able to pay our portion of the rent come august 1. That's fine and dandy, but that doesn't leave room for ANYTHING else. Gas, groceries, meds, doctors ... nothing. There's gas in the car and without any major trips and by not running the air, i think that can last. I haven't taken my meds in a couple weeks and i can feel the withdrawl. It's been awhile since i've made it to therapy but at nearly $100 a session, that's out of the question. I tried looking around for a group that would be cheaper or even free that met later in the day or something do-able but no luck. The only one i could find would require driving to. Whatever -- i can manage w/o therapy. I can take back the book that i bought yesterday to be able to pick up some groceries. I can wash the few clothes that i need by hand and just iron them. We'll have a washer in 18 days, that's really not that long to do wash by hand. I've got several things I could/intend to pawn and/or put up on craigslist and facebook marketplace. i have so much jewelry made, but don't have the listing fees for etsy or ebay. I could try the myspace page and at least invest some serious time (for lack of anything else to invest) trying virtual promoting. That leaves another electricity bill and white paint to round out getting us out of the apartment. That however, could take quite a bit of gas to get us back and forth ... the moving process. I think i'm missing some things that still need to be taken care of ...

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Mickey said...

You can wash your stuff at our place, I'm sure we can find something to keep us busy while the laundry is laundering... Seriously, feel free, we can probably pick you all up even.