Friday, June 26, 2009

Priorities? Wha?!?! Where?!?!!

At leas G8 made it to the top 10. It wasn't even on there a little bit

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NervousHabit said...

You know who's having a field day with their free pass in the media since Jackson died? Congress, Al Qaeda, The FDA, any public official or CEO you care to name... it's sickening. And it won't stop with Jackson, either! As soon as THAT dies down, they'll drag out Fawcett and McMahon's deaths!

Although, Kevin and I agree that we need to start a celebrity deadpool. We're going to compile a list of politicians, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, writers, etc and guess how they're going to die. We also want to put odds on HOW they're going to die. Like Lindsey Lohan dying of a drug/alcohol binge, too easy. Lindsey Lohan dying in a shark attack or choking on a french fry? The odds are low, but the return would be higher.